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issues. as for the one child policy, vice president biden's, i'd -- governor romney, sometime go on china, which i would say 99% about the threats that china posed, it was unbalanced but the only specific area i remember on human rights he emphasized was the one child program, which struck me as a curious, particular violation to single out among the many problems, perhaps reflecting a political agenda. >> you get my final question. a few days after our presidential election here in the united states, china will be transitioning to a new leadership. the new generation of leaders will guide china probably through the next decade. if given a second term to how does president obama see the opportunities in the transition? what measures with the president propose to take the new heads of state relationship? >> well, president obama reached out to hu jintao right after president obama was elected. and right after he took office. he's met with hu jintao more than any previous president had met with a counterpart. they have met something upwards of a dozen times. many phone calls. i'm sure that
for the rnc, mitt romney committee. four of those five are republican entities. and yes barack obama has a lot of money, too and i'm not trying to push, to blow past the. the obama campaign has had a commencement money. when you look at the super pacs it's very clear that republicans have dominated. restore our future has been $87 million. upon that was being of newt gingrich but still, or rick perry or whoever was the flavor of the week and republican primary. but $87 million, and crossroads 30 million overall. and after that club for growth, $12.3 million to massive amounts of money into cycle. and so i just think it is what it is but it's reality we're getting with. it's why we're here today to talk about and it's a very difficult thing for campaigns to deal with. >> you did say i think when looking at the practical matter of this campaign the president's campaign is outspending pretty significant governor romney's campaign on television but you're right, with the outside groups is actually, if you aggregate the president and the groups on the left and governor rod and groups on the right i
have ponied up money for different reasons. some of them are just friends of mitt romney who know him from private equities, support him and like them and want to be there. some of them are hedge fund are hedge fund givers who were big supporters of barack obama in 2008 but have soured on obama and switched teams. some come from industries that have significant government interest, oil, gas, oil. payday lenders who are very concerned about the consumer financial section bureau regulating them, and are hoping for a romney win which would ease some of that. on the democratic side, there just isn't that collection of people right now. it doesn't mean that at no point in future will there be a large amount of very wealthy liberals, because they're out there who will pony up money. it's just a this cycle, very even if the saving grace of the president is he has improved in 2008, he is equally able to raise enormous amounts of money in very small amounts in political terms, enormous amounts of people. we're talking, i think we're up to $3 million for his campaign purchase either an idea of
. obama campaign adviser jon schnur defended the president's policies in his first term while romney campaign adviser martin west addressed what a romney administration education plan would look like. this is an hour, 20 minutes. >> here at the american enterprise institute. delighted to have all of you with us today for this conversation, education reform in the next white house, a conversation with the obama and romney campaigns. we have with us today two of the more prominent surrogates who have advised both president obama and governor romney on issues relating to education, that they have been out speaking on behalf of the campaigns and helping to formulate strategy and policy for the next four years. they are not official, paid employees of either the administration or the romney campaign, so they are speaking in that capacity as representatives rather than paid employees. and if there is occasionally a question where in that capacity they have not been privy to specific information, i think we will make allowances. a couple of things before we get started. first, please make s
-span, c-span radio and online at >> up next, a debate between obama and romney campaign national security advisers looking at the effect of recent foreign policy decisions on the coming election. this event was co-hosted by the center for new american security, the american enterprise institute and the new america foundation. it's just over an hour and a half. >> good afternoon. i have to speak with an authoritarian voice. welcome and thank you for joining us today. my name is richard fontaine, i'm the president for the center for new american security. it's a real pleasure to welcome you to this presidential campaign surrogate debate. it's a special collaboration among the american enterprise institute the center for american security and the new america foundation. this event is the sixth in a series that our three institutions have held throughout 2012, each of them aimed informing the national security debate during the presidential campaign. we've held sessions on covering america's overall role in the world, on the defense budget, the asia pacific, the middle east
and break the promise to medicare we had to i believe mitt romney has ideas as well. i'm not so my way or the highway that i can't look at people objectively and go with what i think is best to every issue that comes before me, my question will be, what's best for this district. that's how i've operated and i continued to do so as a member of congress next year. >> just to be quick on your voting for president obama? hochul: i've said that before, yes. >> okay. there is another question on the floor. other congresswoman to mr. koh, if you will. hochul: chris, i joined mitt romney, president obama, kirsten gillibrand come when the long and many others in full disclosure because i put transparency is important. full disclosure of personal tax return by putting them online so people know where money comes and. you have made my personal finances part of this campaign, fine. i'm open and transparent. but you've said that you don't think the voters could understand him is too complex for them to learn your 25 pages tax return. so why'd you think you should be held to a lower standard than ot
to one republican primary. eventually it was mitt romney who had the biggest super pac. is dollars or republican donors for the most part, the guy with the second biggest super pac, blasted the second of august. i was a wooden expected ever to be an open presidential primary ever won by candidate who doesn't have a super pac, as long as they remain a part of american politics. >> let me go back to melanie because i think she hadn't quite finished. it sounds like we've had the nerve. it didn't take long. so you go ahead and then we will go back to brad. >> i want to go back to something nick started with because the super pacs aren't the real danger to the super pacs are, i like to think of them as the kim kardashian of the campaign finance will because they're getting so much of the press. the ones you have to worry about are the 501(c)(4) organizations. 501(c)(4) organizations which are none of social welfare organizations, people can donate anonymously. those organizations are where the real money is, where the real power is an awful lot of the after coming out of. a group like t
? i know he was facing a coalition of reagan and rockefeller and i guess even george romney is in there somewhere but i'm just curious what you have to say about that. >> the sequence goes like this. julie and i were engaged in november of 1967. richard nixon announced to the white house january 31, 1968 and dwight eisenhower endorsed him in late july of 1968. now i'm describing the happiest day of my life. when finally he stepped down from his position of neutrality to endorse richard nixon. i think the idea there is that in 1968 was a year in which republicans could win and i think that therefore quite eisenhower extended an endorsement very carefully and made it very clear to me when julie and i were together that he would be doing, observing his own practice and so forth in the election. he finally became persuaded that his vice president, richard nixon, had the qualifications to address the conundrum of 1968. there was a dominant issue in 1968. the vietnam war and we were losing in richard nixon campaigned on almost a brittle pledge to end the war and dwight eisenhower
coverage here on c-span2. later can we join republican presidential nominee mitt romney and his running mate, congressman paul ryan for a campaign rally in colorado. see it live starting at 9:05 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> it's time now for our lightning round. we're going to ask questions that can questions that can only be answered with the words yes or no by the candidates. we'll ask both candidates to refrain from explanations or maybe anything except a yes or no. >> senator, would you like or going to be starting with you, forgive me. would like to be if elected senate majority leader? >> would i like to be senate majority leader? sure. [laughter] >> senator? >> yes. spent in islam, have you fire a gun or rifle within the last year? >> yes. >> senator? >> no. >> is andrew cuomo the best new york governor in your lifetime? >> no. >> senator? >> i'm going to say his term is not finished but his father was. [laughter] >> very good. ms. long, have you read and "fifty shades of grey"? [laughter] >> no. >> me neither for the record. [laughter] >> ms. long -- >> this month lea
, come on. imagine mitt romney doing that. i'm so in love with you. oh, come on. i'm sorry. i know this is mrc but you've got to give it to both sides. our second obamagasm of war -- i hate even sang the. is it just me or -- obamagasm award. there's a preacher. i can go to confession after saying it. i'm heading out there. goes to someone who celebrated a movement, not just an individual, and this was on october 11, abc's, i'm going to do her voice, diane sawyer. of the perpetually heavy breathing voice. who is trying with a very blurry lens. i feel like diane. i'm sorry, i feel guilty doing this. with trying valiantly to describe the emergence of a movement known as the benevolent occupy wall street. >> we thought we would bring you up-to-date on those protesters, the occupy wall street movement. as of tonight it had spread to more than 250 americans to these more than 1000 country. every continent but antarctica. >> right up there with 57 states. occupy wall street has spread to a thousand countries. why not just say bazillion? well, god bless or. our final nominee for the obamag
cain. and what happened, obama got elected this time. i'm not taking any chances. i'm voting for romney because i'm sorry, i can relate to the third party supporters now, but let's get realistic here. a third party vote, most of them are conservative. let's face it. a third party vote is a vote for obama so you better vote for romney. >> i started off voting for obama and was going to be voting for obama, but after watching this debate i feel like there was more common sense in the first 30 minutes of this debate and there has been the entire main street fiasco. so i would be voting for the independent. i will support kerry johnson. >> i'm between kerry johnson and jill steinberg of the choice to choose rocky then i would probably choose rocky because i like his template that i didn't understand or know him until this debate. >> people that are voting for the third party candidates are just taking away a vote from either democrat or republican. and they're just wasting their time doing it because it will be one of the two in office. >> i've learned more and i've heard -- more of my questions have
minimal with the first ladies, other than hillary clinton. but i think ann romney was quoted the other day by radio iowa saying about the criticism, stop it, this is hard. and i got a lot of e-mails about that, either when we did something on the blog, bearing from coming in, good for her to, doesn't she get it? was another one, keep to can you imagine if michelle obama had said that? people would've been angry. i thought it was a very, i think was probably not something the campaign as a structure would've wanted as a statement on the because it's not their message. but i thought it was a very human thing. she was talking about her husband, she is experienced with getting beat up. i guess the response to that is you chose to run for office and yes, it is hard. what we demand from our candidates is a lot in the country. even for the criticism that ron is getting about not doing enough in terms of events. he is doing a tremendous number of fund-raising events. it's incredibly hard and incredibly grueling. i can't imagine watching my husband go through it. my husband has a similar reaction i
governor chris christie campaigns for mitt romney and richmond, virginia. >> i have to be honest with you, i love these debates. these things are great. and i think it's interesting that the president still doesn't have an agenda for a second term. don't you think that it's time for him to finally put together a vision of what he would do in the next four years if he were elected? it's got to come up with that over this weekend because there's only one debate left on monday. >> so let's recap what we learned last night. his tax plan doesn't add up. his jobs plan doesn't create jobs. his deficit reduction plan adds to the deficit. so, iowa, everybody here u.s. heard of the new deal, you've heard of the fair deal, you've heard of the square deal. mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. >> we are not buying it. >> watch and engage money at president obama and mitt romney meet in the final debate moderated by cbs bob schieffer from lynn university in boca raton, florida. >> now a forum on education policy and teachers unions. speakers included joe williams with democrats for educati
if you look at what they have said on this issue, both obama and romney's plans are vague. if i were moderating the debate that is coming october 3rd, i would spend about half of it asking them what would you do specifically. give us the diagnosis of the plan -- [applause] and tell us what you're really going to do. and part of that question is there has to be a willingness to compromise, and there has to be an innate willingness to do things that are painful for your side. i'm going to stop there, and we'll do questions. one more story. remember years ago the head of simon & schuster after i had published one of my books took me to dinner in new york city at one of these restaurants where you would never want to go where you have to pay. [laughter] and he said what's your next book going to be about in and i said, oh, well, i haven't decided. i'm going to do some thinking, some reading, some research. and he looked at me and said, what? i said, yeah, i want to do thinking, reading, reporting, weighing the alternatives, and he said why are you going to waste your time? [laughter] i s
if obama win, if romney win, who would be secretary of defense, how this would -- it's not the same, there's a little bit of factional stuff going on, but it really matters who the people are, personnel or policy basically. is it completely off the radar screen? does it matter at all in chinese politics? >> i can talk a little bit about that. i mean, one of the things we are, we are definitely seeing at least the party's at least stating that they're trying to make themselves more institutionalized, more bureaucratic and their responsibilities shifting from a personality-based system to one that's more bureaucratic, institutionalized, professional. and so at least in terms of what's being said, the argument personalities should matter less. now, whether or not -- we all know that it's nice to say those things. whether or not that's the reality, i don't know. but from the perspective of party guidance to the military, party guidance to its own cadres, the idea that the purpose of the party is to essentially help china move into a certain national development level and the way we're going to
of this great country. [cheers and applause] >> watch and engage monday as president obama and mitt romney meet in their final debate moderated by cbs' bob schieffer from lynn university in boca raton, florida. our debate preview starts at 7 p.m. eastern followed by the debate at 9 and your reaction at 10:30. all live at c-span, c-span radio and on loin at -- online at >> a group of education policy professors yesterday discussed ways to improve u.s. schools and student performance. they considered ideas for improving incentives for schools and recruiting better teachers. there the aspen institute -- from the aspen institute, this is two hours. >> welcome to the aspen institute. my name is ross wiener, vice president here at the aspen institute and executive director of our education and society program, and on behalf of the harvard graduate school of education and the american enterprise institute, welcome to today's panel on the futures of education reform. so the last 30 years in education policy in this country has really been dominated by standards and accountability
that are on the agenda. what about romney administration? what sorts of proposal, if any, have been articulated? >> well, let me make it clear that i did not say that there had been a proposal by the administration. they produced a long awaited white paper in january of 2011. a government solution, he plans solution, or a hybrid solution. i am not being facetious in saying that. so we haven't had a proposal from either side. the mortgage market has changed because of that and i think that the republicans and the administration, as they came in, would want to go more towards a free-market kind of solution without any gse. i would hope that the suggestion that i made and the mortgage bankers association made would be seen as something that both sides could live with, and that it is largely a private capital solution. there is not a freddie or fannie. they're our are capital companies that are competing to have the ability to pay a premium in order to get a government guarantee of their underlying security. i would hope that that would seem is enough of a free-market solution that republicans would be okay
become. two weeks from today he will be former president and mitt romney will be the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] we can do better than this. we do not have to settle for this. we don't have to settle 23 million americans looking for work or 11.8% unemployment in nevada. or the underwater mortgages. . .
debate romney has done better and it is a group i think democrats are worried about. if you look down women now are critical democrats hope that works to their advantage they recruited a lot of women candidates for their hoping to increase democratic women in the senate this year. >> is critical in the house but which will amend the? might argue there is no women approach. married women? single women? independent minority? there are huge disparities just as there are with different denominations. what you need to watch it is a white voters without a college education. . .
. if it is governor romney he needs to have leadership and the business community has to agree to a deal and. >> moderator: let's move to the moderator discussion. mr. wade you talk about small business about men but if you look at the polls from the "wall street journal" the small business community does not have faith we will avoid a deep recession. they're not making plans for expansion hiring going into next year. how can small business be a part of it at all? >> they are part of the solution when we bring common-sense to washington. . .
brings up the question, what exactly is that mitt romney do differently? the obama administration has linked before it, pursued very, very tough sanctions against iran at the u.n. and it has succeeded. this administration has also imposed unilateral sanctions. these will pass the unilateral sanctions by congress, but the administration went along and has implemented them. we are seeing the very significant deterioration in the iranian economy, largely are at least in part because of the sanctions.. by these low academic conferences i have a book coming out. [laughter] the book is relevant. it's called "-- the working title is "from cicero to snookie how the culture shapes the president." and it's with the presidents have read, watch, listen to, attended over the years and what books, what kind of books influenced them, shoot them, how information came to the president and the type of technology we have available. our founders were limited to performances onstage or work on paper. they didn't have twitter and all the stuff we have today that they were still huge consumers of inform
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